The Story

Hooked Sports is a one man show. My name is Edvardas Cirtautas and I am the designer, manager, packer, shipper, marketer, copywriter, photographer, salesman, customer support specialist and all other things. I have been doing Crossfit for several years now, as well some trail running, biking and lots of hiking, and have been playing floorball for many years in the past. And I am based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Working as a UI/UX designer I got tired of pixels so decided to make something else for change. Always wanted to do something in the sports industry. The pandemic happened and this made me think of things which would be useful while gyms are closed. Barbell hanger looked like a good idea. A one which is different from all the other hangers out there. So after lots of mockups and several prototypes and testing the vertical barbell hanger was born. Initial reactions were positive so I decided to launch it and here it is now – available for everyone. All of this is very new to me and exciting! 

So nice to meet you all and thanks for following my journey – as there will more things coming up! And also please follow on instagram: @hooked-sports