Single Barbell Hanger



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Single Barbell Hanger


Wall mounted barbell hanger.

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Vertical wall mounted hanger for a single Olympic barbell as an easy way to store your precious barbells on the wall so that they are not laying around on floor all over the place. Barbell hanger is made of high grade steel and powder coated to ensure long lasting finish. Hanger is installed fairly simple using two screws with sleeves or just the screws depending on the type of the wall you have. Please always make sure that the wall you want to mount the hanger on is structurally strong and can hold the weight of barbell.

If you have more than one barbell then you can get as many hangers as needed and place them around your place in a layout that works best. Using single hangers gives you that possibility.

How to install barbell hanger?

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg



Powder coated steel

Mounting hardware

2 screws with anchors for brick and wood walls


1 hanger, 2 hangers, 3 hangers, 4 hangers, 5 hangers


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